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Rias Denim

heartdivematerial (hdm) is a brand born in Fukuoka, Japan. The brand's signature rias denim is named for its resemblance to the intricate coastline of the Rias coastline. It is a representative item of hdm's concept of fusing the beauty born from nature, the unique Japanese aesthetic, and the street.

"Nature" is the only master we respect, and "Nature" is the source that opens our hearts.

Timeless and beautiful design

The beauty that comes from nature is very complex, yet orderly and disciplined. hdm surrenders itself to nature and infuses its creations with a sincere beauty that touches the deepest recesses of the heart.

The rias denim has been created with such complexity and discipline that it seems to be the product of nature.

Each rias denim is handmade by the designer himself. Each piece takes about 48 hours to make. Although the number of pieces on the market is extremely small, each piece is made with the utmost care, as each customer is treated individually. Vintage Levi's denim is used for the body, and the size is selected according to the customer's body.

The beauty of nature is said to be the beauty of movement, which is an ancient Japanese aesthetic. rias denim is based on this aesthetic, with no two patterns being the same in any way. As wearable art that never goes out of style, we offer after-sales service to our customers to repair any damage to the item so that they can enjoy the item throughout their life.
In today's world of rapidly changing fashions, where the time to deal with an item is shortening, in other words, the lifespan of an item is shortening, we hope that rias denim will become a treasured item for the customer throughout his/her lifetime.


We also offer flare customization and back pocket customization according to customers' requests. Please consult us when you place an order.

If you would like to order Rias Denim, please enter your information below.

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